You can begin preparing for a rewarding career in Construction Management while still in college. The following proof is required for student memberships:

  • Undergraduates - proof of full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours) student status

  • Graduate students - proof of full-time (minimum of six credit hours) student status

  • Part-time students - may join CMAA as a CMIT member or as one of the other available member categories.

The CMIT program is a great tool for planning your career path and managing your early career. More information about this program is available here.

CMAA and its Regional Chapters extend the opportunity to students at colleges and universities across the nation to form Student Chapters. You can find information on CMAA's individual student chapters here. Each chapter has a faculty advisor and a student board of directors. Interested parties can contact the school directly to learn more about their CM program and the student chapter organization and activities.

CM Career Path

Construction Management is a great career field. The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistic predicts the field will grow at a higher than average rate compared to other industries, with more open positions than qualified candidates available. That means that graduates of CM programs can expect a high rate of job placement and high starting wages.

CMAA has compiled several resources for students interested in studying CM.

  • The Construction Management Career Brochure explains what a CM does on a day to day basis, what skills and education a CM needs and what to expect once you become a CM.

  • CMAA Career Headquarters gives candidates and employers a resource to post resumes and available positions and search for openings and potential candidates.The Colleges and Universities page provides resources for high school and college students and college faculty.

  • What is Construction Management? This article will help students understand what CM is.

  • The glossary of CM terms will give a quick overview of popular words used in the industry.

  • The Rising CM Conference brings students and CMITs together for educational programs and a Career Fair.