CCM Certification


The Certified Construction Manager (CCM) is the “gold standard” in personnel credentials for the Construction Management profession. It is the only CM certification accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) underthe International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 17024 standard.

The Arizona Chapter offers training and guidance to assist those individuals that wish to obtain this valuable certification. The goal of the Certification Committee is to assist members and non-members alike in their efforts to become Certified Construction Managers (CCMs).

Value of CM Certification to Individuals

  • Increased professional stature & marketability

  • Creates opportunity for advancement

  • Adds value for both employer and client

  • Tells owners, employers and peers you are a recognized professional.

  • Employers rewarding achievement with bonuses and salary adjustments

  • Access to professional community to network with other CCMs

  • Continuing professional development required to maintain credential

Owner/Employer Benefits

  • Tells others you represent the Employer as a professional.

  • Tells others that your Employer hires professionals.

  • Tells others that your Employer utilizes a High Standard of Care.

  • Raises industry status of your Employer.

  • The Employer retains employees.

  • Greater service certainty.

Industry Benefits

  • Linkage between standards of profession and individual practice.

  • Competency Assurance.

  • Commitment to maintenance and improvement of individual and organizational professional capabilities.

  • Adherence to ethical standards (per Code of Ethics)

Becoming a CCM

For more information on becoming a CCM, please visit the CMAA National website, click here.

Questions? Contact Willie Paiz, CCM.